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As an Entrepreneur you cannnot be afraid to step out on the limb or be the only one going in the  direction you are headed. Most Entrepreneurs start a business because they either see a need in the marketplace or out of frustration with the current situation. Entrepreneurs Change the world.


We decided to start down this pathway of Entrepreneurship for both reasons. Our businesses were started behind both premises, we saw that there needed to be alternatives in the way businesses were being conducted and the frustration it yielded.


Our current business is E-Call Communications Group,, is an emergency notifications organization for members only. E-Call Communications Group is a membership organization that provides emergency notifications for its members in the event there is an emergency. We offer mass communication via SMS or Voice.

We also have program named Uniform To Suits, which trains, educates and helps service members transition from Military to Entrepreneurship. We offer various training sessions, tutorials, and mini conferences providing valueable information about Entrepreneurship and their transition to such a lifestyle.


M.O.V.E. Making Opportunities Via Entrepreneurship is designed to help new businesses create strategies, proccess improvements and create new ways for revenue stream. This training is full of valuable information. We offer a Entrepreneur Development Roadmap (EDR) that gives you the exact steps you need to take to start your business. For a free copy of this document please send us an email with the letters EDR in the subject line.


SLR4M Student Loan Relief for Military is a student loan relief program designed to assist service members with Student Loans. We have partnered with a very reputtable organization to offer Service Members and Veterans with student loan relief. SLR4M Consultants works in conjuntion with our partners to provide members with the best options available to help with the student loan(s). For more information about how we can help you with your student loan please use the subject SLR4M for our consultants to contact you.


Our success is measured by the fact of we at least got off the running block. We have "Failed Forward" on many occasions and we continue to make strides toward continued success in Entrepreneurship and we have enjoyed every mile of the way.




Entrepreneur Development Roadmap
This document requires a password to access it. Please send us an email with the letter EDR in the subject line for a free copy.
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