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As an Entrepreneur you cannnot be afraid to step out on the limb or be the only one going in the  direction you are headed. Most Entrepreneurs start a business because they either see a need in the marketplace or out of frustration with the current situation. Entrepreneurs Change the world.


Entrepreneur Think Camp (ETC) is a training platform that prepares Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Corporations to handle various challenges they may face. Entrepreneur Think Camp is more than just training courses it also encompasses three major programs rendering a different aspect of owning a business.


ETC training courses can be held in-house, local community or at our corporate offices. Our consultants/trainers are experts in their field of training offering a value to participants. Each training course offers a Certification of Completion.


- Magnify Your Potential -


If you are new to business ownership you don't want to miss this course. Join millions just like you who are taking the "Jump" and becoming self sufficient. Take part in this course that teaches the fundamentals of owning a business along with very detailed information relative to business development


Business Succession

Are you the owner of the business or a key employee? Maybe you are considering throwing in the towel and starting something new. This valuable course prepares your business for succession. The valuable tools you learn positions those who are currently in the company to successful sustain even in the event someone leaves without notice. You never know if someone in a key position is considering leaving or tragically dies. Why not be prepared for both?


Social Media Marketing

In a world of overwhelming complexities and so much is dependent upon Social Media. This course favors preparing you to overcome marketing challenges relative to social media.This course is sure to put you in the drivers seat of your social media presence.


Women In Leadership

This training prepares women who have a desire to be in leadership position. If you have a desire to lead a office, corporation, non-profit or for profit entity this course is sure to prepare you.. Women In Leadership is one of our most requested training program. For more information please send an email..


How to deal with stress backwards

We  learned many years ago that the word stressed backwards spelled "desserts" so why make it a bad thing. The way you approach stress has to either be with a fork or a knife. Polk holes in it or cut right to the chase. This fun-filled, but yet serious course is shared in an environment guaranteed to satisfy any participant.


Safety First

3M, OSHA, and Physical Security all play a pivotal role in the safety of employees in the workplace. How do you handle each of these unique measures of safety and how to put them all in perspective in one course is exactly what we did. You don't want to miss this training!!!

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