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Publisher’s Note
Memories of Man

This issue is rather interesting our writers captured three events that have taken place over the last three months since our last issue. You will read an article about how a Mother’s Love has made such an impact on the life of their daughter. Our cover story lends your attention to a tribute to a Father who never left home during a time when men were leaving home and seeking other pleasures. As well you will find a great article about how several women owned businesses pivoted during one of the worst times in American History.

As we celebrated Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Day; three holidays that allow you to reflect upon man and its contribution to
the world, I would like to render a Salute to the Men and Women of
the Armed Forces. These Men and Women have made the ultimate
sacrifice, a sacrifice that is beyond reproach.


These Men and Women did not
choose to become Entrepreneurs,
they did not choose to become
Business Owners, they made a chose
to protect the rights of those who
wanted to become Entrepreneurs
and Business Owners. Their lives
were laid on the line so that everyone
in this magazine could have the
right to work for themselves and
have the freedom of life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness.

I am reminded of my late Uncle,
Contee Switzer, a Korean War Soldier
who was Missing In Action (MIA) and recently determined Killed In Action
(KIA), he never had the opportunity to become a business owner,
but he stood in the gap so that many years down the line his nephew
would have the opportunity to become an Entrepreneur.

The road to Entrepreneurship was paved with the bloodshed of Men
and Women who knew nothing about a Business Plan, a Marketing
Budget or a Strategic Analysis, but they knew one thing, “service to
country.” So, as you read the following pages and evaluate your life’s
share, please keep in memory those who paved the way for you to
become, “The Entrepreneur.”



Daryl Hych



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