Youth Entrepreneur Start-Up (YES-U) is a Youth Entrepreneur Training specifically for students between the ages of 14-19. This is a six to thirteen week course held at schools, youth facilities, churches and our corporate offices.


Students will learn the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship with a focus on actually starting their own business. Upon graduating from this course students can opt to receive continued consultation at no cost for up to six months from our agency.


Affirm Innovation is a one day event designed for Youth. Participants will be divided into groups to come up with a solution for three areas of interest within their community. This fun-filled day wraps up with a competition allowing participants the opportunity to display their business in hope to win a final prize.


The three areas are:

  • Technology

  • Social Environment

  • Youth Involvement


Why Choose Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship provides another option to choose from in life. Historically, students are told, “go to
school, get good grades, and go to college and you will be successful. Well today that is not true. The
student loan debt is larger than it has ever been and it continue to rise. Therefore, we offer a better option, Entrepreneurship. If you educate a student on the many facets of entrepreneurship and assist them along the way,

they will be the future of change. The students will now hire people and begin to stimulate the economy.
Entrepreneurship is the best option for our youth today. Allow YES-U to help you begin your journey to
being a successful business owner.


How can we help?
YES-U is taught by para-professionals, those who have experience in running and operating a business.
Our volunteers are screened for experience, not for volunteer hours. If you are interested in becoming a
volunteer and you have experience as an Entrepreneur, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Where are YES-U courses held?
We offer our courses in schools, Youth Facilities, churches and even in our local offices. All courses are 6-13 weeks long depending upon the frequency of the hours per class. The course is broken down into modules affording each module to build upon the next one. Therefore, it is imperative that you attend every week.


Entrepreneurship is the key
Entrepreneurship is the master key to life, it provides the many ways of entry into a progressive world.
We believe that if you begin teaching youth at a young age of the power of being self-employed they will become

more productive in society.


Getting to Yes
Most youth will not take no for an answer, that can be looked at negatively in the wrong situation, but YES-U we appreciate the fact that youth will not take no for an answer as this is the essence of Sells 101. You must get to all

the no’s to get to the yes’s. When someone tells our youth no, we say, YES-U can.


Why choose YES-U
Our curriculum is challenging and it brings out the best in the students, we prepare students for business ownership. Unlike other organizations, upon completion of the course we offer FREE business consultation to any graduating student of YES-U. Choosing YES-U puts you in the drivers seat on your road map to entrepreneurship.

Youth Entrepreneur Start-Up


- Youth Leading the Future -