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Publisher’s Note
Play to Win

I liken Entrepreneurship to that of a sport; whereas, when you are put in a tough position, you are faced with incredible challenges and the defense is as equally skilled as you are. The coach is on the sideline calling out plays and the cheers are coming from both sides of the
game, no one really knows the challenges you are facing because you are the one in the game. The only thing that is going through your
mind is, “I’m doing my best to Play To Win”.

As a little boy, I recall growing up in E. St. Louis, Il, nearly every day my best friend and I would wake up, go outside, grab the football and
we would throw the football around for hours at a time. I would run out and ins, run and fly, and a post run catching passes over my head.
We thought we were the best there ever could be. We would do this throughout the summer leading up to the NFL Football Season.

We would play football in the snow all the time. He and I would challenge any two people in the neighborhood. We knew each other so well we did not even have to call plays. We would just look at each other and know what to do. My friend could Quarterback like no one you had ever seen. He was smart, knew the defense and could outrun anyone who came after him for a sack. 

My friend, Robbie, was a Jack of All Trades. Robbie is my best friend’s sister. As we grew up so closely, we would begin telling people we
were cousins. Our families stayed next door to each other for over a quarter of a century. Robbie is passionately known as the “Queen of
Edgemont.” She was such an influence on so many people life. She could do nearly anything from sports to helping you tie a necktie. But
the one thing she instilled in all of us and anyone who met her was to Play To Win. I am forever grateful to her and miss her dearly.
Every sports figure step on the field with the mindset of a winner, it is in their DNA to think as such all while facing difficult challenges.
Entrepreneurs also start their business with winning in mind. We see opportunities and we face many challenges such as: how do I
bring something new to the market, how do I finance this passion, I have bills to pay, my family is depending on me, life is happening all
around me, and lastly, nobody fully understands me. 


With two minutes left in the game, a goal line defense and the noise of life is at your back I would like to encourage all Entrepreneurs to
figure out what it takes to “Play To Win”.

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