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Black Wealth
Gap (BWG)

The love of money is the root of all evil, according to the Bible. If this is true, then Black Entrepreneurs must have a hate relationship with money because most Black Entrepreneurs struggle with finding the right capital to successfully operate their business or either, they have
been looking for love in all the wrong places.
This struggle is not only seen in business, but life in general. The financial wealth gap between Black and White families is so far stretched that you could work another 40 years and never close the gap.
This gap is filled with things such as: food, proper
housing, a qualified living wage, and enough money to carry from month to month. These things are simple, yet so many Black families struggle to accomplish this simple task. I recall as a Veteran, living in Charlotte, NC, one day sitting in the social services office, I was dressed in 3 piece suit, you might have thought I was there for
an interview, as the social services representative and I talked for about 20 minutes about life and our experiences, she finally ask, “why are you here?”
I said, “I need some food stamps to feed my family”. How could this be possible? This is my story, there are many more like it and the gap continues to grow. As we continue to learn to live with COVID-19, statistics continue to show that the areas that encompass Black Wealth in the country are the same areas that are hit hardest with COVID-19.
There must be an answer to solve this
continuous problem. I recently read an article in a very reputable national newspaper about a national bank that was operating illegally in their hiring practices, what struck me the most about reading the article was when it stated, “two years ago, in light of the national reckoning on race.” I thought, this must be a mistake.
Why is this issue just becoming a national reckoning? You mean to tell me that this has just became an issue two years ago. Again, there must be an answer to this and simply talking about it is not enough, action with results must  take center stage.
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